A better download page for Internet Explorer 16

As a contribution to the campaign to get rid of Internet Explorer 6, we have made a better, more user friendly page for upgrading the browser. We recommend sending IE6 users to this page rather than Microsoft’s own page.

English version: http://iallenkelhet.no/ie6/eng/index.html
Norwegian version: http://iallenkelhet.no/ie6/nor/index.html

You may also download the files and put them on your own server. Feel free to add other languages.

We have currently tested with Windows XP Professional – English and Norwegian editions, but the page could use more testing. Please test the page and report any errors on this blog.

Demo versions without the browser check are available both in English and Norwegian.

A minimal and non-technical download page

Our download page is targeted primarily at users that find upgrading their browser to be a daunting task. They will be greeted with a short text assuring them that they will be guided through this:

Screenshot, IE6 start page

At the push of the big «Update now» button, the download from Microsoft will start, and instructions will show up on the left and the right side of the installation dialogue:

Screenshot, IE6 Instructions

The Norwegian version has an additional step before the download begins, where the user is asked to select the language of her Windows installation:

Screenshot, IE6 Language selection

In essence, our goal has been to:

We hope that we have succeded with this. Please comment if we have left something important out, or we have included something unnecessary :-)

By the way, we have only provided links to the Windows XP version of IE7. There are also server versions of Windows, and a x64 version, but we figure that if you run any of these systems, you don’t need this page to tell you how to update… And for Windows 2000, the updates stopped with IE6.

Some advice on designing the warning message on your site

There are already a lot of different warning messages out there, and you’ll find code for implementing it on your site on the «IE6: Do NOT want» page.

However, as we have already spoken up about, there is a lot of potential for confusing and alienating the user when putting this kind of message on your site. We have a few recommendations:

Hopefully, this campaign will result in a fast forward to a future free of Internet Explorer 6, without frustrating to many users along the way.