EuroIA2014: Content Against Cancer 0

Content against cancer and the core model at EuroIA2014 in Brussels from Ida Aalen

I’ve just held my talk at EuroIA, and I had a wonderful time!

The topic was how we at Netlife Research make use of the core model to make sure we’re aligned in our team and with our client, using the case study of The Norwegian Cancer Society.

Core model resources and links

Here are Core page handouts that you can use with your team or in workshops with your client.

Do you want a more detailed explanation of the Core Model? Read the upcoming, detailed blogpost on the core model on A List Apart, or tweet Are Halland at @areGH, the core model’s original creator, or look at the still highly enjoyable and relevant presentation from 2007:

Core+Paths: A Design Framework for Findability, Prioritization and Value from Are Halland

Norwegian Cancer Society Case Study

Read how we worked with fundraising at the NCS (blogpost and slides) and an in-depth case study on the content governance at the NCS (blogpost and PDF).

Here’s a Google translated version of The Norwegian Cancer Society’s website, or just visit to see it in Norwegian.

More questions or comments?

Send me an e-mail at, tweet me at @idaAa or leave a comment below. You should also talk to the great people at the Norwegian Cancer Society, just tweet to @kreftforeningen.