You want a new website? Prepare for pain! 1

– Dear Netlife Research. Our website sucks. The whole company knows it. How much do I need to pay for you guys to fix it?

Our clients

Our clients order services from us because they want to be challenged. They know that the webpage they have today does not support their company strategy as good as it should, but they do not know exactly what it would take to make it work.

We LOVE those kind of challenges! We like to be allowed to dive into who you are, and what is important for your business and your users. But, what happens next? …Often it hurts!

Prepare for a little bit of hell!

It has to hurt a bit in order to make something really extraordinary. I could make many bad metaphors regarding this. Birth for example. When redesigning a website it’s like getting born again. But be aware; the matter has grown larger than the first birth. It’s painful enough the first time, imagine how painful it will be the second time around! With that in mind, it’s obvious that a redesign hurts more than making a brand new website for a company that didn’t have one before.

Since your company first were born you have established certain routines, figured out who does what and when to do it. You may even have gotten away with things and won some battles in the company. And now, during a redesign project, we are going to bring everything up to the surface again. Consultants begin to question how things are done in your company, why it’s being done like that, and God forbid, what your users want contra what you actually do!

Most people like routines. They like the safe, planned and predictable. Ordering a redesign project often means that the organization wants something brand new, and different, something that is noticed in the crowd. A lot of changes is often necessary in order to achieve that. And changes unfortunately often means a bit of pain:

We cannot fix your web page without you!

In Netlife Research we work with design in a slightly different way than people traditionally think of when they hear the word “design”. When we’re redesigning a website we analyze what your users need, and align it with your company strategy. We strive to develop solutions that gets those two demands to meet. This often results in the need for some organizational changes in order to “fix the company website” – not simply making functional and/or aesthetic design changes.

This is often not what was expected from the project. You agreed upon purchasing a “design project “, not organizational change, and definitely not the need for hiring new people in the company.

Stay strong!

During labor, when it hurts like h***, what do you do? I’ve never given birth to anyone, so I do not know the answer here, but I can imagine that you’re really trying to focus on the big goal. The aim of the childbirth. That is exactly what is the case in web projects too.

Hold on to the major goals, do not quit because it hurts! Don’t look in the rearview mirror – keep your eyes on the road! It will work in the end, if you bear some pain for a while.

If you go through it, and trust that we know what we are doing, test regularly and optimize from the feedback you get, your site will probably become a success. And maybe even unique and extraordinary. Much better than you had imagined when you booked your project. Often different, but so much better. Not only for you, but for your users, your customers, whom you need in order to make money and grow.

So what do you need to change in your company in order to be more efficient? Is your organization open to change? Are you ready for something brand new?

Hard work sucks