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October last year, I checked all the Fortune 500 websites using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. I have now checked them again and found that the page weight has – on average – increased 10% in just 6 months.

«Fortune 500» is a list of the largest companies in the US by revenue, published yearly by Fortune magazine.

October 2014

Here are the results from last time (all numbers are averages):

PageSpeed score 67/100
HTTP resources/requests 69
Hosts 11
Javascript (# files) 18
CSS (# files) 6
HTML (size) 88 KB
CSS (size) 211 KB
Images (size) 958 KB
Javascript (size) 799 KB
Average size 2084 KB

The PageSpeed Insights score ranges from 0 to 100 points. A higher score is better and a score of 85 or above indicates that the page is performing well, according to Google.

March 2015

Here are the results 6 months later:

PageSpeed score 65/100 -2
HTTP resources/requests 71 +2
Hosts 12 +1
Javascript (# files) 19 +1
CSS (# files) 6 0
HTML (size) 89 KB +1 KB
CSS (size) 243 KB +31 KB
Images (size) 1122 KB +163 KB
Javascript (size) 830 KB +31 KB
Average size 2301 KB +216 KB

As you can see, every metric in the table has worsened.

On average, Fortune 500 websites have increased in size by 216 kilobytes. That’s a 10 percent increase in just 6 months. According to HTTP Archive, the average website is right around 2 megabytes now, so these companies are just as good/bad as the average website. But surely the Fortune 500 companies could afford a little optimization!

Here’s a spreadsheet with all the results.

About the test results

The list of companies is the same as last time, as Fortune hasn’t published their list for 2015 yet.

I’ve only tested the home page. Some companies ask you to select a country/region on the home page, so for some companies the score will be too high because the real home page is far heavier.

About the PageSpeed score

I used the «Desktop strategy» when testing. Google says: «Please note that PageSpeed Insights is being continually improved and so the score will change as we add new rules or improve our analysis.»

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