The Core Model: Getting to business while making friends – Sydney content strategy meetup 0

The Core Model: Getting to business while making friends from Audun Rundberg

On April 13th, I spoke at the Sydney content strategy meetup. The topic was how the core model and pair writing helps you create content that works for your clients, and their users – while still being friends with the people in your business, or even making some new ones!

Resources and links

Pair writing

If you want to know more about pair writing, you can watch this webinar about pair writing from February 11th that we did together with Gerry McGovern.

You can also watch my talk about pair writing from Agile Content Conf in London.

This blogpost by my colleague Bjørn Bergslien explains why you should do pair writing, and how.

The core model

Here’s my colleague Ida Aalen’s A List Apart article on the core model.

If you’re in the United States and you want to learn how to use the core model hands-on, we’re holding workshops at IA Summit in Minneapolis in April and Confab Intensive in Portland in August/September.

Here are core page handouts that you can use with your team or in workshops with your client.

Do you want a more detailed explanation of the Core Model? Tweet Are Halland at @areGH, the core model’s original creator. You could also take look at the still highly enjoyable and relevant presentation from 2007:

Core+Paths: A Design Framework for Findability, Prioritization and Value from Are Halland

The case studies

If you’d like to take a closer look at the sites mentioned in the presentation, here they are:


Visit in English (translated by Google).

Here’s a Google-translated version of our case study of the Telenor project.

The Norwegian Cancer Society

Here’s a Google translated version of The Norwegian Cancer Society’s website, or just visit to see it in Norwegian.

Read how we worked with fundraising at the NCS (blogpost and slides) and an in-depth case study on the content governance at the NCS (blogpost and PDF).

Digital fundraiser Beate Sørum has a collection of blog posts about fundraising at the NCS.

Also, check out this interview about content collaboration at the NCS with Marte Gråberg and Beate Sørum by Rick Yagodich.

More questions? Just tweet @Kreftforeningen, and we’re sure you won’t be wondering for long.


You can visit Veidekke’s site in English, and if you’re looking to buy a very beautiful bridge, go to the Hardangerbrua project page on their Norwegian site (translated from English).

Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted

This site isn’t launched yet, but I’ll include a link as soon as it is. In the meantime, talk to the Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted on Twitter.

Questions? Want to talk?

Send me an e-mail at, or tweet me at @audunru.