The Core Model: Getting to business while making friends – IA Summit 2015 0

On April 22nd, we had the great honour of presenting a workshop at the IA Summit in Minneapolis. The topic was how to use the core model within your team or with your client to ensure you create content that fulfills both user needs and business goals.

What was the name of that band?

Here’s a Spotify playlist with some catchy Norwegian tunes to go along with your next core model workshop.

Core model resources

Here’s our colleague Ida Aalen’s A List Apart article on the core model.

Here are core page handouts (PDF) that you can use with your team or in workshops with a client.

Do you want a more detailed explanation of the Core Model? Tweet Are Halland at @areGH, he’s the core model’s original creator. You could also take look at the still highly enjoyable and relevant presentation from 2007:

Core+Paths: A Design Framework for Findability, Prioritization and Value from Are Halland

Top tasks

In the Norwegian Cancer Society case study, we show how a handful of tasks related to forms of cancer were very important to the users. We call these «top tasks». The method used to find these tasks is called Top Task Identification, and Gerry McGovern has just published an article on A List Apart on how identify your top tasks.

The case studies

If you’d like to take a closer look at the sites mentioned in the presentation, here they are:


Visit in English (translated by Google).

Here’s a Google-translated version of our case study of the Telenor project.

The Norwegian Cancer Society

Here’s a Google translated version of The Norwegian Cancer Society’s website, or just visit to see it in Norwegian.

Read how we worked with fundraising at the NCS (blogpost and slides) and an in-depth case study on the content governance at the NCS (blogpost and PDF).

Digital fundraiser Beate Sørum has a collection of blog posts about fundraising at the NCS.

Also, check out this interview about content collaboration at the NCS with Marte Gråberg and Beate Sørum by Rick Yagodich.

More questions? Just tweet @Kreftforeningen, and we’re sure you won’t be wondering for long.


Our colleague Bjørn has written a blog post in English about the bank SSF’s content-centered redesign.

Take a look at their beautiful and simple homepage (translated to English), or just visit the site in Norwegian.

Questions? Want to talk?

You can email Martha at and Audun at, or tweet us at @marthaifarta and @audunru.

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