5 days, 6 projects and 1 conference – Netlife Research in New York 0

Together with great digital minds of New York the 60 employees of Netlife Research will spend the next week in New York with a mission to make digital solutions people love.

Netlife i New York

We will work on our dream projects and find new solutions to old issues. This is “Learning by doing” and cross disciplinary off course.

The projects:

Fundraising 2020: Find new ways to connect donors and organisations.
Netlife client superdashboard: A dashboard for our customers to help them organize measurement and knowledge on their digital solutions.
Netlife online newspaper: find a way to make our blog into a broader digital magazine with the goal to spread our knowledge in a better and more effective way.
Tool for usability tests: Find a way to collect knowledge from usability testing in a better way, with the goal to prove user patterns.
1000 ideas, 1000 pictures: How to use New York city to gather inspiration for creative solutions.
Make a pop-up conference in Brooklyn: Gather web people of New York at a half day inspiring conference – Make stuff that works.

Knowledge is important to us. To challenge ourselves constantly. Every consultant has a yearly budget of 6 days and 30 000 NOK to increase their knowledge. This year we spend most of these money on the New York mission. Some of the great digital minds of New York will help us achieve our goals.

People we will work with in NY:

Nicholas Felton
Data visualisation expert, he was one of the lead designers of Facebook’s timeline. More on Feltron.com

Perry Chen
The founder of Kickstarter.com. Chen´s new project is called Dollar A Day. He will help the group working on Fundraising 2020.

Jay Rosen
Rosen is a journalism veteran in the US and teaches at New York University. He has written books about citizen journalism and is a columnist in New York Times and Huffington Post. His students will give feedback to the group creating the digital magazine.

Brenna Lynch
Brenna is a UX Research Manager at Etsy, where she focuses on the experiences of Etsy sellers. She will work with the group making a tool for usability testing.

Forest Young
Forest is the creative manager of Interbrands design studio in New York. His work has been showed at MOMA and he has won the Golden Lion in Cannes.

Jeffrey Macintyre
Jeffrey is interested in the future of content: how the craft and economics of the content business will evolve with emerging technologies.

To end it all – a pop-up conference

At the end of the week we are organizing Make stuff that works – a pop-up conference all made and marketed during the week. Among the speakers you will find:

Check it out and register on Facebook
The goal is to get 200 participants. Fingers crossed.